Terms & Conditions

Have a quick read so that you know exactly what you're buying when you buy Redbox Easyweb.
  • Redbox Easyweb is a package that comes with 1 domain name, website system and website hosting.
  • If you’ve already bought your own domain name, we will help you to point it to your Redbox Easyweb.
  • Redbox Easyweb is a self-managed website system which helps you get a simple and basic website up and running.
  • Redbox Easyweb is NOT a substitute for a custom-designed website but it is a quick way for you to get started.
  • Redbox Easyweb is NOT suitable if you want a website that’s sophisticated, complex or with multi-functional programming. 
  • However, Redbox Easyweb helps you get started easily by allowing you, a non-technical person, to update your own website any time, anywhere with your own text and images. You save on webmaster’s fees.
  • Renew yearly to continue to use Redbox Easyweb. No messy contracts, no crazy rules. 
  • Redbox Easyweb is made for marketing. As such, you can include a mailing list in your website as well as embed Facebook within your website.
  • You can embed Youtube, SoundCloud and Google Map easily into your website.
  • You can also be in charge of your own Search Engine Optimisation as Redbox Easyweb allows you to insert keywords that you want for each web page.
  • You can easily refer to our online tutorials to get help as needed. You can also email in if you have a technical question. 
  • The contact form will be routed to a Gmail.
  • If you no longer wish to use Redbox Easyweb, just copy out your content (text and images). You own your images and text.
  • As a Redbox Easyweb user, you have the ability to earn a referral fee each time you refer friends to buy Redbox Easyweb. Check our Affiliate page for details.
Yes, I have read and understood the above and know what I am buying.
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