Graphic Designer or Copywriter?

Add more value and earn more money when you partner with us.
Use Redbox Easyweb to help your clients get online easily, quickly and professionally!
How do I earn more with Redbox Easyweb?

Redbox Easyweb is excellent for graphic designers and copywriters. Use Redbox Easyweb to set up websites for your clients quickly and professionally.

You don’t need to know HTML or any special programming language at all. 

After you’ve helped them set up their websites, you can continue to help them by maintaining or updating their websites for a fee. What you charge is entirely up to you! 

How this works for copywriters...

This works exactly the same for copywriters. If you’re a copywriter, mostly likely you will be asked to write content for brochures and company profiles.

Ask if your client has a website. Again, you can be of service if he doesn’t have a website.

You can easily start and manage a website for him using Redbox Easyweb.

You can charge your client for adding new pages of content to the website or updating content.

How you decide to charge is entirely up to you. But if you’re not sure, contact us and and we can suggest some rates. After all, we’ve been in the web design industry since 1998! 


How this works for graphic designers...

When your client asks you to design a brochure or flyer, ask if he needs a simple, basic website. If he is new in business, he would most likely say yes.

Use our Redbox Easyweb to set up his website. As you are a graphic designer, you can design visually appealing website headers as well as other graphics and insert these into the website.

Unless you can write, you may need to find a copywriter to help you write up the basic content for the web pages.

However, the gold is in managing the website for your client. You can charge him a fee for making changes or adding new content or new graphics to his website. 

But I don't want to reveal I'm using Redbox Easyweb.

You don’t have to! You can deal directly with your client and never disclose that you are using Redbox Easyweb to set up his website.

Ask about our white labelling services. This means we remove our Redbox Easyweb link at the bottom of the page. Your client will never know about us. 

OK, now I'm really interested. What do I do next?

To be considered a Redbox Easyweb Partner, you must have purchased at least 3 units of Redbox Easyweb. 

With your 4th purchase of Redbox Easyweb, you can be upgraded to our Redbox Easyweb Partner status and enjoy a distributor price for Redbox Easyweb. You get to buy Redbox Easyweb at a much cheaper price and increase your profit margins dramatically! 

If you have more questions about being a Redbox Easyweb Partner, contact us