Fabulous Features, Incredible Value

Redbox Easyweb is better because it is built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.
It's easy to be in control of your own website!
Technical Support Included

We know how horrible it feels to be left helpless when you hit a technical road block. That’s why Redbox Easyweb comes with full technical support and technical updates so you never need to worry if you encounter a technical issue. We’re just a support ticket away!

Flat Yearly Fee.
No Hidden Costs

Redbox Easyweb comes with a domain name of choice, premium web hosting and website system and technical updates for one simple yearly fee. No hidden or additional costs. Renewing is hassle-free as we help you keep track of your domain name and web hosting renewal.

Online Tutorials,
For Free

Redbox Easyweb is an extremely easy to use website system but once in a while, you may need to refresh your memory. We have simple tutorials guiding you step-by-step which are available online, for free. We made all tutorials short and easy to save you time.

Customize Your Website Like A Pro

Change the look and feel of your website with our ColourWheel
and still have your website look stylishly professional!
Personalized Header

Your rotating website headers are personalized to your business. They will always look unique. Best of all, you can always change the website headers on your own if you like!

Millions of Colours

Change the look of your website any time with our ColourWheel. All colours are perfectly matched so your website looks gorgeous all the time.

Professional Design

Fonts, colours, image sizes and layout are pre-designed to look professional and sleek. The best thing is, you can still change things around any time you want.

Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Connected

Integrate social media like Facebook and Twitter easily into your website and work your social media popularity multiple ways. Just copy and paste the link and the social media box will appear on your website.

Video Insertion
Made Easy

Show and tell is now made simple as you can easily and quickly embed Youtube and Vimeo videos into your website. Just paste the video link and the video will magically appear on your website.

One-Click Ecommerce

Start taking orders online with our simple one-click ecommerce feature. Connect your website to PayPal easily. No programming or technical know-how needed.

Mobile Version, FREE

Your website is mobile-friendly and can be viewed perfectly on all smartphones and tablet devices.

You don’t need to spend extra to build a separate mobile version of your website.

No Technical Know-How Needed. Designed For Regular Folks Like You And Me

Rebecca Loke

The main reason I choose Redbox Easyweb is because it’s so easy! Easy to start-up, easy to maintain, and easy to use!

Rebecca Loke


Kester Hong

The best part about using Redbox Easyweb is that most of the designing and layout of the website has been stylishly standardized!

Kester Hong