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Redbox Easyweb 101

It’s the quickest way for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs to get a stylish and professional website. It’s an all-in-one budget website system where you get to control, update and manage your own website/online shop even if you don’t know anything technical. In fact, it’s built for non-technical people like you and me. Best of all, it is created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – we understand perfectly why you need a website and what a website needs to do for your business.

Check out these Redbox Easyweb websites.

It’s convenient, easy and saves you money especially if you’re just starting out in business.

This all-in-one package means you’ll enjoy ease and convenience because we’ll help you do the technical stuff such as register your domain name, help you set up the web hosting and set up the website system for you.

Did we mention that it also comes with a basic ecommerce feature? You can quickly and easily start your online shop. There’s nothing to download or install. It’s all online. You are in full control of your website because you can make changes to your website any time you want to without having to go through a webmaster.

To top it off, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. You never have to take a risk with our product. If, at any point within 30 days that you are not absolutely convinced that Redbox Easyweb is for you, just tell us and we will give you your money back. Fast, easy and simple

The Redbox Easyweb all-in-one website system is priced at RM999 per year.

No hidden fees. Just one flat fee for the website system, premium web hosting and one domain name (.com, .org or .net).

Yes. Renew yearly at the same price to continue using Redbox Easyweb. The renewal fee covers the use of the website system, premium web hosting space, domain name fee and technical support each year.

Redbox Easyweb is built for entrepreneurs to do smarter marketing. We want to help you grow your business today and into the future. It has all the right marketing features – mailing list, social media, videos, mobile-ready and more.

We personalise your website when we design your website header. We handle all the technical setup (setting up your website, getting the web hosting going etc.)

All you have to do is log in, insert your content (text and photos) and you’re good to go.

We even include these guides for FREE –  Writing Guide, SEO Guide and Marketing Guide. 

Other DIY website builders make you start from scratch. You need to choose from hundreds of templates, hundreds of colours and fonts when all you really want to do is get online with a website.

The thing is, by the time you’re done choosing the templates, fonts and colours, you’re already overwhelmed and your website still looks sloppy! If your website looks sloppy and cheap, no one trusts your business. Make sure the first impression is positive, not negative!

Redbox Easyweb solves the problem for you with stylish designs and expert colour schemes – no matter what you do or how you do it, your Redbox Easyweb will still resemble a premium website!  Check out these clients’ websites!

As an entrepreneur, your most important task is to get your website up so you can get more leads and customers.

Fiddling with colours, templates and fonts waste a lot of time (that is why we say you need a website built by people who are entrepreneurs, not designers!).

Plus Redbox Easyweb comes with e-commerce capabilities to help you start your own online shop!

And we have a 30-day money back guarantee. You never have to take a risk with our product. If, at any point within 30 days that you are not absolutely convinced that Redbox Easyweb is for you, just tell us and we will give you your money back. Fast, easy and simple.

9 Reasons Why This is The Best Way to Get Started With a Website

  1. It’s the fastest and easiest way for entrepreneurs to get a website.
  2. You never need to pay webmaster’s fees.
  3. It’s built for marketing!
  4. You’re buying a quality product from Redbox Studio, a company well-known for its website expertise. Not only do we design websites, we teach clients how to maximise their websites for real marketing through our events and workshops so we definitely know what we’re talking about. Plus you can now buy our book, Web Wisdom, and learn how to turn your website into a marketing machine.
  5. You never have to worry about technical support – we are here to help.
  6. You don’t have to worry about marketing – you can get ongoing marketing guidance and help in the form of marketing products and courses exclusively from Redbox Studio.
  7. You can now start your own online shop easily.
  8. You’ll never need to risk anything with our 30-day money back guarantee. It’s our Redbox Studio promise to you.
  9. Your website looks impressive even though it’s a budget-friendly, self-managed system. Your website will look as good as these websites. Check out these Redbox Easyweb websites.

About Us

Redbox Easyweb is an all-in-one website system (comprising website and ecommerce system, web hosting and technical support) offered by Redbox Studio, a web design and web marketing company based in Penang, Malaysia. Redbox Studio has been in business since 1998. 

At Redbox Studio, we have been designing websites that work as marketing machines for business owners since 1998. Our premium website packages start at RM20,000.

Yet some of you are just starting out and perhaps, do not yet have the finances to go for our customised websites (although we must say that if you do have the means, a customised website can turbo-charge your business and bring fantastic results).

Everything is done for you in our customised website packages, from brand strategy to marketing strategy and includes writing the best persuasive content and getting you to the first page of the search engine results.

But we want to give you a quick and convenient way to get online hence the “birth” of Redbox Easyweb.

First introduced in 2005, Redbox Easyweb has been upgraded and improved many times over. It’s now more sleek, very easy to use and lets you incorporate social media and e-commerce easily. And it’s also mobile-friendly, looking good no matter which smart gadget you use!

Check out these Redbox Easyweb websites.


Each Redbox Easyweb comes with:

  • Domain name (.com/.net/.org)
  • Web hosting (1000 Mb)
  • 3 email accounts  (forwarded to your Gmail)
  • Ability to create up to 1,000 web pages
  • 1 contact form
  • Specially customised website header
  • Marketing Strategy Guide (worth RM1297)
  • Writing Right For Your Website Guide (worth RM997)
  • Easy SEO Guide (worth RM997)
  • Step-by-step online tutorials, free
  • Ongoing help and technical support
  • E-commerce capabilities 

Check out these Redbox Easyweb websites.

No. Redbox Easyweb is created for people who don’t know HTML or programming. Updating your website is as easy as typing into a Word document!

There is nothing to download or install.

Your Redbox Easyweb sits on our premium web server so you can access and update your website to make changes any time you want to, from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection.

Very easy! To get your website started, just order at our Pricing page. We’ll do the rest and you will get your Redbox Easyweb in 2 days’ time. All you have to do is to log in and start adding your content.

Yes, the package includes premium web hosting. Premium web hosting means your website is hosted on a private server just for Redbox Easyweb clients. We do this because we want you to focus on your business and leave the technical stuff to us.

You get 3 email accounts that are forwarded to your Gmail. 

You can create up to 1,000 web pages.

Yes. You can easily do this on your own.

A website header is the top portion of your website where you place your company logo, company tag line and more. This section is designed for you completely free when you buy Redbox Easyweb. The beauty of using this system is that you can also change or replace your website header any time you like. That’s the flexibility of using Redbox Easyweb.

You can use your already bought domain name but there’s no rebate.

It depends on how fast you work. You can get your website in just 2 days. Once you get your login details, you can immediately start working on your website by adding text and photos. If you have all your materials ready, it should take no more than 3 – 5 days for you to get your website ready.

You don’t need to re-size photos. Our website system is smart enough to help you automatically re-size photos when you upload and insert photos into your website.

You will learn how to optimise your web pages to attract search engines naturally with our Easy SEO online guide in e-course format (worth RM997) offered to you FREE when you buy Redbox Easyweb.

Help is just a support ticket away. Anytime you need help, just file a support ticket and we will answer you within the day.

You’ll also get our FREE Online Tutorials and our 3 bonuses for content, SEO and marketing worth RM3,290 absolutely free.

You can order it here.

Once payment is made, we will set up website system for you in 2 days.

You’ll be emailed your login and password once the website is ready. Start logging in to add text and photos.

To help you familiarise with our website system, you’ll also get a link to our online tutorials. Our tutorials are simple step-by-step screenshots so you know what you need to do every step of the way.

At the same time, your bonuses will also be emailed to you so you can get the best ideas and strategies to write for your website, optimize your website with the best keywords and market your website.

Is it for you?

Freelancers, work at home moms, authors, speakers, translators, especially copywriters, training providers, consultants and more. Basically anyone who is in business and needs a website will love using Redbox Easyweb. It’s stylish, affordable and gives you total control over your website. And you never have to pay webmaster’s fees.

Redbox Easyweb is a basic and simple website. It cannot take on additional custom programming or features.

It is not for you if you don’t have time or don’t want to manage your own website. 

Our aim is to get you started with a website especially if you don’t have any technical knowledge and on a limited budget.


You’re in luck. You can get an optional writing and layout package from us if you feel you aren’t able to get started. 

While we offer you 3 bonus guides for free – and one of them helps you with your content writing – you may not have time for the writing and layout. This package is priced separately from Redbox Easyweb. Contact us for the pricing if you need this help. 

Marketing is the next thing you need to focus on once your Redbox Easyweb is up and running.

Your website won’t do anything for you if you don’t engage in marketing.

In our free bonus guide (worth RM1297), we guide on you marketing too so you’re on the right path immediately.

You can also buy our book, Web Wisdom where you discover ways to use your website as an effective marketing machine. This book is available in paperback and PDF version.

It’s a superb product for copywriters. If you’re a copywriter, you can use Redbox Easyweb to add on to your existing copywriting and content services.

Instead of just writing for your clients, why not help your clients go online easily and successfully with their own websites (which you can easily help them maintain and update for a monthly or yearly fee)?

If you’re a copywriter and want to find out how Redbox Easyweb can add more to your income stream, check out our Affiliate programme.

Redbox Easyweb is excellent for graphic designers especially if you don’t know much HTML or programming but would like to offer your own clients a website design service.

Use Redbox Easyweb to help your clients get their websites done easily. You can also maintain their websites on their behalf. Best of all, you can earn a good recurring income when you do this under our Affiliate programme.

Yes, we do. Get started and earn a good referral income with our Redbox Easyweb Affiliate programme. You are eligible for this programme when you have bought at least ONE Redbox Easyweb. It’s always easier to refer others to this website system when you know how fabulous it is!

Find out about earning levels when you join our Affiliate programme.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try Redbox Easyweb at no-risk! 

Buy and use it and if within 30 days you find that Redbox Easyweb is not your kind of website and does not help your business, let us know and we will refund your money (minus RM50 for the domain name – you get to keep your own domain name for one year anyway).

No questions asked. That’s our promise.