Testimonials From Happy Users of
Redbox Easyweb

Jeanne Ooi

Great Product Designed For Non Technical Folks Like Me

Easyweb has made it so easy for me to create my webpages and make changes whenever I want to, even when inspiration strikes in the middle of the night or I have a great service I want to inform my client immediately!  It’s a great product designed for non technical folks like me to build professionally looking websites quickly with ease!  No more waiting time to see a website builder.

Jeanne OoiChief Reignmaker, Coach & TrainerJora.co
Rebecca Loke

Easy All The Way

The main reason I choose Redbox Easyweb is because it is so easy! Easy to start-up, easy to maintain, and easy to use!

Rebecca LokeChildren’s book authorrebeccaloke.com
Dr Sivakumar S Balakrishnan

No Computer Expert But I Could Do It!

I first saw my friends Dr Somas website and was quite impressed with it. I asked him regarding setting up a website and he connected me with the Redbox Easyweb team.

During my conversation with Dr Somas, I was initially taken aback with the cost of setting up a website. I couldn’t afford it I thought. However I found out that I could still set up one at much more affordable cost. I decided to check out and went to one of the Tech Tuesday meetings. I was convinced that I could set up my website by myself and was given the encouragement by the team.

Of course I am no computer expert and that worried me a bit but I decided to take up the challenge.

I was initially taught step by step on how to set up as well as inserting the pages and photo. I was also given tips on how a good page should look. After some initial technical problems which was solved when I had another meeting with the team, I managed to build my website slowly. Again I was given encouragement and tips on certain aspects.

As I have just set my website and slowly trying to publicise it, I hope that this will help my business to grow. I know that it will make a difference in the future and I will continue to upgrade my website.

I will be happy to continue to associate with the Redbox team and hope that this association will help each other to succeed.

Dr Sivakumar S BalakrishnanUrogynaecologist, Penang Adventist Hospitalurinaryincontinencepenang.com
Don Theseira

Great For Our Green Crusade

Our website is highly beneficial in our crusade for the environment. Most of the enquiries about recycling of household waste come after people visit our website.

Don TheseiraEnvironmentalist & Speakergreencrusaders.com
Kester Hong

Stylish Website Without The Hard Work

We met Redbox Studio by recommendation from a relative. Immediately, we could click well with Nic Sim, and his presentation of Redbox Easyweb to us was well received. Being unfamiliar with building a website we were convinced and had the confidence in Nic Sim and Redbox Studio.

Owning a website and maintaining it are two different matters. The maintaining part was an issue for us and the initial stages were filled with many tasks to complete. But with the constant tutorials, marketing strategies, creative ideas and activities from Redbox Studio, it has become interesting and there is so much which one can do with the website.

The best part about using Redbox Easyweb is that most of the designing and layout of the website has been stylishly standardized. Some may regard this as not personalized or dull but we take it as a platform to get started. The system operates on both Macintosh and Windows which makes it convenient to use. In addition to this, we have the flexibility to update and change the website content independently.

Being able to put up photos and videos on the website, has helped us explain and elaborate more to our potential students and clients. The website photos gives a better understanding and clearer view of what we do and how we conduct our services. With the website’s “News” tab, we are able to share our recent and past activities. This directly helps us to create our own portfolio to present to our potential students and clients.

We would like express our sincere thanks to Nic Sim and the Redbox Studio team for their efforts and the continuous technical support.

Kester HongMusician & violin instructorkestermusic.com
Tyra Winsor

Professional & Perfect For What We Need

I was quite fearful of the unknown and of working with someone new on website stuff. I was worried and unsure of what would be included. But now that I have used Redbox Easyweb, it IS easy to use.

The best feature is the gallery which makes our product pictures look perfectly placed and nice!

The information and help is great and it is still coming. The instructions were clear on what I needed to do and what Redbox Studio would take care of – which is good!

I like the look.. it’s very professional and nice. Perfect for what we need.

Tyra WinsorChildren’s products retailer
Lee Kin Meng

Excellent Online Marketing & Technical Help

I attended the Redbox Studio website workshop 2 years ago to find out how to get my business online. The Redbox Studio people are very sincere and their expertise in online marketing is excellent.

Initially I was afraid that I would be left on my own without any support after I buy the Redbox Easyweb system or even unanswered calls for help. My fears have all disappeared after I met Nic and Krista.

The best thing about using Redbox Easyweb is that it’s easy, simple and user-friendly. It’s very straightforward.

The most helpful part about buying Redbox Easyweb is that I get full support for online marketing and technical expertise. My current website is still at the infancy stage but I strongly believe that once I put in more content, it’ll give me a competitive advantage over others.

Redbox Studio is an excellent, strategic business partner for my online marketing business!

Lee Kin MengWeight management consultant
Gary Loo

Straightforward & Easy To Use

I wanted some web solution that is easy to utilise so I don’t need to crack my head to think of web programming and stuff. Initially, I feared that the Redbox Easyweb would under perform but that’s not the case now that I’ve started using it for my virtual personal training business.

What I like is the ease of the control panel. It is very straightforward and that’s good.

Gary LooFitness Trainer
Russell Stedman

Got My Website Up in 1 Day!

I wanted to set up a website where I could post progress and generate interest in my music album project. I wanted a web service which would be simple to maintain, and did not require much design input from me, so it would not take up too much time.

Redbox Easyweb looked straightforward, user-friendly, attractive display templates and clean un-cluttered presentation.I thought it might have a bit of learning curve which would take me a few days to figure out. But in fact I started working on content for the page one evening and launched it the next day. Easy to use, logical structure.

Nic from Redbox Studio has always been incredibly responsive to any questions or requests for assistance. He seems to be online and available pretty much all-hours. It’s certainly helped to generate interest in the project, especially when news updates are shared to Facebook.

Russell StedmanMusician & Song writerrustedman.com