Clean & Simple Back End Interface

No technical mumbo-jumbo. No confusing buttons.
Only the features you need to easily manage your website like a pro.


Clean and easy to use dashboard. Everything is just two clicks away.


Just drag and drop to arrange and organise your web pages.


Editing in progress? Just hide the page while you work on it. Your website visitors will only see the “published” pages.


Optimize your pages individually to attract search engines. Find out how your on-page SEO is doing with our SEO performance indicator.

Website Traffic Report

Your website connects directly to Google Analytics to measure your website traffic and helps you know what’s working well and what isn’t.

Photos Auto Resized

Your photos are auto resized for you the moment you upload to your website. It makes your life easy plus makes your website load much faster.

SEO Status Indicator

Our SEO Status Indicator lets you know how each web page is doing. Tweak and fine-tune each page for the best search engine results.

Drag & Drop
Control Panel

Move pages or re-arrange them easily with our drag and drop feature. No technical know-how needed.

Easily Link To
Other Websites

Link out easily to your favourite websites when our one-click link button. Or link within your own website to your other pages.

Create Up to
1,000 Pages

Add as many pages as you want to your website. You can create up to 1,000 pages with Redbox Easyweb.