Easyweb Affiliate Programme

Earn 25% for each sale when you refer friends and business associates to use Redbox Easyweb.

How Do I Qualify And Sign Up As An Affiliate?

To become our Affiliate, you need to own at least 1 Redbox Easyweb (doesn’t matter if it’s an Easyweb Standard or Pro). When you already own and use a Redbox Easyweb, you can easily activate your Affiliate account inside your dashboard.

Once you are approved as our Affiliate, you get a unique link which you can place at your website or email to friends. Any time they buy a Redbox Easyweb as a result of clicking your link, we will credit the Affiliate commission into your account.

Your Affiliate link has a 90-day life span which means if someone clicks your Affiliate link but does not buy immediately, you can still earn the commission if he buys Redbox Easyweb within the next 90 days.

Affiliate Commission

As our Affiliate, your commission rates are 25% for each sale:

  • RM200 (for each Easyweb Standard)
  • RM250 (for each Easyweb Pro)
Maturation Period

When your referral buys a Redbox Easyweb from your link, the commission will be visible (but not credited) in your affiliate account. There’s a maturation period of 35 days because we’re giving the customer a 30-day money back guarantee. If the customer you referred decides to cancel the Easyweb account within 30 days, your commission will be cancelled too.

The commission will only be credited into your account 35 days after the purchase. You can log in anytime to your dashboard to check your earnings status: www.redboxeasyweb.com/support

Cash Out

You can cash out the money once your commission reaches RM500.

There are no expiry dates for your account so you can cash out any time you like as long as you reach RM500.

Have questions about being an Affiliate? Email us!